Such is life.

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Just a quick look at my Thursday. Worked an event at the farmers market in Daley Plaza, such a perfect day weather wise anyway. The fountain is dyed orange, and I love little things like that for the holiday. Hit up the protein bar for lunch and BOY that superfood vegan salad is everything. It’s actually everything and more with a heaping amount of sriracha in the mix! So DELISH.

I’m currently on the train, using these busted headphones which luckily still work so I can get after the bingo players station on Pandora.

Minus not feeling the best, it’s a solid Thursday. Cheers!

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Yesterday’s “personal day.” Went to Bengston’s Pumpkin Farm in Homer Glen and it was the cutest. I so wish my goddaughter Mya could’ve been there with me! A pumpkin head day followed up with a lovely lunch at California Pizza Kitchen in Oakbrook Mall. Cheers to great day!

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She ain’t got that boom like I do. 💣

That song has been stuck in my head for at least the past hour, if not longer. I can only pin point that on the “Boom” sweatshirt that I’ve had on and last two days. Or maybe Blaque is just that good. GET IT GURL. Ha.

Oops. Incessant rambling.